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3F 3F Did you know? Up to 30% of all steering comebacks are due to contamination in the steering system fluid. Debris travels throughout the steering system, eroding and clogging
various components and hoses, leading to expensive repairs.
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1. Use the Right Fluid
Proper fluid type and quality are critical factors in keeping power steering systems running properly. Click HERE to view the correct fluid type for your vehicle.

2. Flush the Steering System
Late model steering systems are designed to
be smaller, lighter and more efficient. The tighter tolerances of these systems allow smaller particles
to cause contamination. Failure to properly flush
the system can lead to binding, poor returnability,
leaking, hard steering, intermittent assist and noise.
Learn more in this 3-minute, 3F VIDEO.

3. Use a Filter
Stop premature steering system failure
and reduce comebacks with an in-line filter.

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